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Food Packaging

  • Pet Snacks Packaging

    Pet Snacks Packaging

    Attractive Pet care packaging solutions that keep pet snacks as just produced. Very fresh for pets.Read More
  • Pet Food Pouches

    Pet Food Pouches

    A high barrier Pet food pouches or laminated film osuitable for various Pet care packaging. To maintain the food original taste for pet.Read More
  • Frozen Food Packaging

    Frozen Food Packaging

    Special developed multi layers film for all kind of Frozen Food packaging, keep the food quality and good taste.Read More
  • Biscuit Packaging

    Biscuit Packaging

    Biscuit packaging pouch/ film maintain food with the best taste and crispness, making the customers can start the dual enjoyment of vision and gustation.Read More
  • Bread Packaging

    Bread Packaging

    Attractive bread packaging solutions that keep bread as fresh as just produced. Sufficient barrier to preserve the flavour and to maintain crispyness.Read More
  • Baby Food Packaging

    Baby Food Packaging

    A high barrier Dried food packaging laminated film or pounch suitable for various Baby food packaging . Provide the safe packaging to keep the food quality for baby health.Read More
  • Spout Pouch Die Cut

    Spout Pouch Die Cut

    Universal high moisture barrier, high oxygen and light barrier pouch for jellyRead More
  • Milk Powder Packaging

    Milk Powder Packaging

    Universal high barrier and penetration resistance pouch for milk powder with best price excellent quality.Read More
  • Sealing Gasket for Yogurt Bottle

    Sealing Gasket for Yogurt Bottle

    Universal high barrier sealing gasket for a types of yogurt bootle with best price excellent quality, with strong Shading and sealing function;Read More
  • Zipper Bag

    Zipper Bag

    Universal high moisture barrier, high oxygen and light barrier pouch.Read More
  • Chewing Gum Inner Wrapper

    Chewing Gum Inner Wrapper

    Universal high barrier silver paper for chewing gum with best price excellent qualityRead More
  • Bars Packaging

    Bars Packaging

    Universal high barrier sachet for a variety of food with best price excellent quality, and can be with easy-to-open tear notches.Read More
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