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  • Stick Pack

    Stick Pack

    The sachet made with superior quality aluminum foil, the barrier protection against moisture, odors, and UV light. Also with easy-to-open tear notches. Heat sealable to create an airtight, tamper evident environment.Read More
  • Laminated Film Sachets

    Laminated Film Sachets

    high barrier in resist-vapor、all kinds of gases and lights;Read More
  • PVC Film

    PVC Film

    PVC sheet materials is a packaging material manufactured by calendaring technique with highly luster, transparent, less air bubbleRead More
  • Aluminum Blister Foil

    Aluminum Blister Foil

    Appearance with splendid silvery white luster with high barrier performance, heat –sealing strength, and functions to resist moist, all kinds of gases(including aroma substances) and lights, anti- bacteria and retain fragrant.Read More
  • Aluminum Blister Foils

    Aluminum Blister Foils

    pharmaceutical capsules, tablets, pharmaceutical blister packaging Features: excellent gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, anti-UV, and PVC, PVDC in the range of 130 ℃ -200 ℃ good heat sealability.Read More
  • Tropic Alu Foil

    Tropic Alu Foil

    To easily decomposed, light, water vapor and oxygen content sensitive strong drugs pills, tablets, suppositories double foil blister packaging. Features: Best barrier properties, easy to open good performance, excellent heat sealability, dark moisture, the appearance of...Read More
  • Cold Forming Alu Foil

    Cold Forming Alu Foil

    To easily decomposed, light, water mist and oxygen content than sensitive strong medicines pills, tablets, suppositories double foil blister packaging.Read More
  • Strip Foil

    Strip Foil

    Features: Easy tear resistance, can be ripped in any direction; with good gas and moisture barrier and sealing. The appearance of new high-grade, suitable for packaging machine.Read More
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